AskSteem Search

The most powerful blockchain search engine in the world.

The goal of AskSteem is to provide a reliable, powerful, and fast search engine that is optimized for the STEEM blockchain. On this page, I'd like to cover some of the features that are available.

Query Syntax

There are many different ways that you can query the AskSteem index. I've created a video demonstrating each of them, but you may also read their descriptions and examples below.


Keyword/Phrase Search

Like many other search engines, you can search for general phrases and terms. AskSteem will try its best to find the document that is most relevant to your query based on our ranking algorithm.
Example Queries:
Tip: Click the example to go to that query on AskSteem
How to buy bitcoin
What is steem
Markdown tutorial

Exact Search

Putting a query into quotes requests that AskSteem only returns documents that have exactly that phrase in that order.
Example Queries:
"How to buy bitcoin"
"What is steem"
"Markdown tutorial"

Tag Search

AskSteem allows you to filter posts by tag.
Example Queries:

Author Search

You can filter posts by the author too.
Example Queries:

Creation Date Search

AskSteem provides a highly flexible and powerful date search tool for posts. You can search by exact date or by date range. Dates must be in the form of YYYY-MM-DD.
Example Queries:
Search for all posts posted on June 2, 2017
Search for all posts posted between May 1, 2017, and May 31, 2017
created:[2017-05-01 TO 2017-05-31]

Search by Number of Votes/Comments

Similar to dates AskSteem has another set of robust tools that allow searches based on the number of upvotes or comments a post receives.
Example Queries:
Posts with 150 votes:
Posts with between 100 and 150 votes
net_votes:[100 TO 150]
Posts with 50 comments:
Posts with between 40 and 50 comments:
children:[40 TO 50]
Posts with more than 50 comments:
or less than 50:
this also works with votes, less than or equal to 10 votes:

Searches with Boosts

You can prioritize certain parts of your query with boosts. These are indicated by placing a ^n at the end of a term, where n is the power you want to boost that part of the query to.
Example Queries:
Give the term bitcoin a boost of two:
I really want posts to have the term bitcoin^2 in them.
Give the term mine a boost of two, and term steem a boost of three:
How to mine^2 steem^3

Inclusive/Exclusive Search

You can indicate whether you want documents to contain certain terms by placing a + or a - in front of the term.
Example Queries:
Find documents about mining but not bitcoin:
cryptocurrency +mining -bitcoin

Wildcard Search

You can use the wildcard expressions of ? for a single character, or * to match any number of characters.
Example Queries:
How to mine any cryptocurrency:
How to mine *

Boolean Search

AskSteem supports any combination of the previously mentioned search types in a single powerful query. This uses boolean values of AND, OR, and NOT, along with parenthesis to separate statements.
Example Queries:
Posts tagged with asksteem by @thekyle:
tags:asksteem AND author:thekyle
Posts with between 50 and 100 comments that have more than 500 upvotes and that are tagged with 'bitcoin' or have the term bitcoin in the document:
(bitcoin OR tags:bitcoin) AND (net_votes:>500 AND children:(>50 AND <100))
Posts created on June 2, 2017, with 100 or more upvotes but less than 10 comments:
created:2017-06-02 AND net_votes:>=100 AND children:<10


For developers building applications on the STEEM blockchain we provide a robust, reliable, and flexible search API.